the secret
to scaling: outsourcing
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operations management +
launch strategy for dietitians & nutritionists
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on a scale of 1–crispy, how burnt out are you?

You’ve grown an impressive IG following & cultivated community. You’ve created signature methods & courses. You set up your website and all the tech stuff. (So proud.)

Then, your clients started seeing amazing results, so naturally, they told their friends, who told their friends, and now you low-key wish you weren’t so damn popular because business just got hard(er). 

Welcome to being the CEO that never stops.

Hard truth: What got you to $50k, won't get you to $500k.

Adding a zero requires adding a hand—or two.

How can I help?

Everyone knows you’re working too much, including your barista. But especially me.

While your client’s plate might be perfectly portioned, yours is FULL. As your work wife, I’ll take on everything you’ve been putting off like managing your operations, team & launches.
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Sometimes you just need an extra set of hands. During our VIP week, we can plan your upcoming launch, prep for your next hire, automate your client onboarding, and organize your weekly to-do list so you can focus on scaling faster and serving better.
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Quick, make like a TikTok-er and put a finger down if you’ve ever told a biz bestie you feel salesy talking about your offer on IG? Sales calls shouldn’t leave you feeling hungover or gross. Learn how to confidently close sales in the DMs and on discovery calls.
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Increased vision and clarity, improved mental and emotional capacity, happier, healthier clients, and a lot more zeros at the end of your bank account may occur.

hi, i'm cierra!

As a Dietitian & Operations Manager, I take your to-do list and make it fun-sized so you only do what you’re good at, and what makes you money, and nothing else.

What I do goes beyond delegation, decision making, and 5-6 figure launches. I’m here to free up your plate so you can do what you want to do. My own experience as an RD means I know your client’s as intimately as you do—which makes simplifying and scaling your business second nature to me.

My specialty? Making your life easier so you can hang up the hats you shouldn’t be wearing. And creating funnels so juicy that your clients are practically dming you their credit card numbers, if you must know.
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The money is in the details.

And the email funnels.

And the Asana tasks.

And the client results.

the proof?

“I 4x’d my revenue within the first year of working with Cierra.”

—That’s a direct quote from an actual client—

Let me make this* easy for you.

If you’re wondering how you’re going to get your time back after stalking me on IG, clicking around on my site, and daydreaming about me being your work wife...fill out the form below and let’s get this party started!

Currently, Cierra is not accepting new Work Wife Retainer clients until 2022.
*not limited to but including: decision-making, launching, delegating, onboarding/offboarding...